Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Madison Grace!

 My due date was Saturday, September 3. We had went to the doctor on the Friday before and everything was still looking good. The doctor checked me and I was 2cm dilated and more thinned out than the week before. She suggested we induce the following week if Madison had not made her appearance on her own. We decided to set our appointment for Tuesday, September 6 since Monday was Labor Day. 

We tried talking to Madison, walking a few times a day, eating spicy foods and a few other old wives tales but none of them worked. So Tuesday morning, after not much sleep the night before, we get to the hospital at 6am to be induced. By 6:15, we are in the delivery room getting hooked up to IV fluids, the contraction machine and the heartbeat monitor to keep track with Madison's heart rate. Around 8am, they come in and start my Pitosin(the induce meds). By this point, I'm already contracting on my own at 3-6 mins apart with no pain, and am dilated 3cm. The doctor comes in around 11, says I'm dilated 3 1/2 cm and breaks my water. Bring on the pain! 

I had back labor which was mainly in my low back and butt. They weren't too bad to begin with but as I kept dilating, the pain got worse and worse. Around 1:00, when I saw I was contracting every 1-2 mins, and could hardly stand the pain anymore, Alan called the nurse to come check me and I was 6cm dilated- time for the epidural!
The doctor came in for the epidural and I was so nervous! I was scared that I wouldn't be able to sit up during contractions and be really still for him to put the epidural in. But really the worst part of sitting up and leaning over was that it hurt my shoulders really bad, just hunching over for what seemed like an hour -even though I'm sure it was 5 minutes. If I've never heard angels sing before the epidural, I heard them that day! It's true what they say about it being the best invention ever! All I could feel was my belly tightening when I was contracting but there was zero pain. At 3:00 the nurse came in to check me and I was 10cm dilated. "Ready to push?" she said... 
"Um, where's the Dr?" 
"Oh, he won't come in until the baby is about to come out- about the last 10 minutes" she said
"Well okay..."

After an hour and 10 minutes of pushing, at 4:22pm, Madison Grace made her appearance!

Daddy cutting the cord. The nurses said in all their years, they had never heard a father apologize to the baby for cutting the cord. He kept telling her he was sorry for hurting her :) That's Dr Eastin, the doctor that delivered.

 8.1 lbs. 20 3/4" long. 4:22pm September 6, 2011

After the cord was cut, holding her for the first time. I think my face says it all. What an emotional moment!

All cleaned up, stretched out under the heat lamp..

Mommy/daughter time

Madison meeting her Grandma(Crystal's mom) for the first time

In the nursery after her bath. Stretched out again!

Meeting Uncle William

Madison is 1 day old here.

Little Strawberry

One of my favorite pictures. It makes my heart melt.

She looks so tiny in his arms!

Uncle Parks

Aunt Rachel

She loves her daddy!

Madison with her Nimmie(Alan's mom)

 First car ride - coming home! Thursday, September 8. Best 5 year anniversary present ever. I know she looks stuffed in the car seat and we have since figured out how to put her in there correctly :) Bear with us, it was our first time putting a child in a car seat! She didn't mind, she fell right asleep!

In her bassinet at home.

All swaddled up in her crib.

Swinging for the first time. She has since learned to like it.

Sierra checking things out

Meeting Pepaw for the first time

Heading to her 1 week checkup. Doesn't she look more comfy?
7.15 lbs - 62%
20 3/4" long - 90%
13 3/4" head circumference - 66%

Doctor said she looks really great and he's very pleased with her weight. They lose weight after they are born but should be back to their birth weight by 2 weeks of age. She goes for her first round of shots October 28.

Meeting her great grandmother, Gimmie and seeing her Nimmie again.

Smiling for mama

And a big smile for daddy!

Love these feet!

She wakes up smiling!


 She yawns all day long! It's sooo cute!

Tummy time on her mat, holding her head up, looking in the mirror.

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