Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm dreaming of a ...

These pictures were actually taken on Sunday when I took Wilma out to play in it.

The next 3 pictures were taken in the field across from our house.
There's something about this massive tree that I love!
This is the same tree but I love the effect of the sun peeking through.
This is straight out of the camera. I'd love to say I did a trick to get this shot but I just got lucky!
And here's stinker. Wilma loves the snow! I love the snowflake right below her right eye and her gray beard. I threw the ball for her and turned that gorgeous blanket of snow into a mess! She had a good time though!
And here she is after digging in the snow to find her ball. The cold doesn't phase her at all! ... as seen here!

Hope ya'll got out and played in it like we did! There's still a lot of it on the ground but the roads are clear. It'd be nice to see this every year at Christmastime!

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