Sunday, December 26, 2010

A mountain Christmas

This year we did a little something different. We left on Wednesday and headed up to Brevard, NC. We got up there around 7 that evening. We go into our cabin and got situated then went out to eat. On Friday we decided to head to Asheville to finish up our Christmas shopping for each other. This year we both had things we both knew we wanted. Alan wanted the Nook(the e-reader) and I wanted a zoom lens and a Keurig(single cup coffee maker). Who says women don't want appliances? :) And we both also wanted clothes and shoes. Well, Alan needed clothes after all the weight he has lost. We spent a few hours in Asheville and then headed back to the cabin. On Friday we had decided to not do anything and just relax! We did leave and had lunch at a place down the road and we also bought some soup for supper that evening since it was Christmas Eve and most places were closing and we didn't bring food to cook. After we ate lunch we decided to ride to an outfitters and then I spotted a nail salon. I had been wanting us to get a mani/pedi on the trip so we went in. After that I had to go in Bilo, which was right beside the nail salon, to get some stocking things for Alan. There I picked up all the goodies to make gingerbread houses as a surprise for us to do at the cabin. We then headed back around 3. We sat around and watched tv, played Wii and just relaxed a bit. I then secretly set up the gingerbread supplies in the kitchen and told him to come in. We then had fun, and made a huge mess setting up our houses! Here are the pictures:

Here's Alan putting together interesting house.
This is my finished house.
And Alan's finished house. The front
The back. The red and blue thing is a slide to the pool. He's very creative.

Saturday morning, we woke up to snow! It was so pretty and coming down quick! We thought we would stay until around 11 and head home but we left before 10! These pictures are taken off the back deck of our cabin. There's a creek that runs right behind it.All in all, we had a great, much needed trip away. We don't take for granted the times we are able to get out of town and we cherish every moment. Especially when it's in the mountains! :) It started snowing at home around 4 or 5 Christmas Day. It's now 12pm on the day after and it hasn't slowed down yet! It's so pretty! I'm shocked we still have power and satellite! I'm trying to make it a pajama day but of course Alan wants to go into town. I may meet him halfway and let him take me around to take some pictures. Here's a picture of us from yesterday when it was snowing. Not sure why Alan looks so confused. And he's wearing Pop's old coat. We miss Pop so much, especially around the holidays! We hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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