Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Thursday- the girls spent the night with their Grandma on Wednesday night..Up around 2:30am.. first flight at 5:45 to Atlanta and then Atlanta to St Paul Minneapolis then St Paul to Vancouver. Here's the Rockies from the plane..
.. and we land around 11:30am Vancouver time! 

An hour through customs, get the rental car and go check in the hotel.

This gets slipped under the door. So cool! We are literally across the street from the venue U2 is practicing at.
A shower and unpacking and we decide to walk downtown. We head to Steam Works for a drink(or two) and the nacho appetizer. It's on the waterfront so the view is nice. After that, we walk down town and grab coffee and cheesecake and walk some more. After a bit of walking, we head back to our hotel. At this point, we've been up for 15 hours and are wiped out! When we get closer, we can hear U2 practicing! After a short nap, we go up to the rooftop and hear them really clear so we sit for a while..

Alan gets the itch and buys U2 tickets for June... in Kentucky 😳

FRIDAY - in natural Alan fashion, he gets up with the birds. We eat breakfast then head to his meeting. He drops me off at IKEA to waste time while he works. 
After his meeting, he heads to visit that customer's store and drop off business cards at another spot. We stop and grab Mexican at some dive restaurant.. it's Cinco de Mayo, after all! The food actually was good!

Then we head to Granville Island. It's a huge marketplace with a big farmers market, lots of boutiques and restaurants. 
We left and went back to our room for a bit before having sushi at Kaide with Alan's client he met with this morning. After Kaide, they drove us around Stanley Park and then we had dessert at Confections. Done around 11pm, we get back and head to bed!

SATURDAY- up and ate breakfast at Provence near our hotel.. after that we headed toward Whistler, where the Olympics were held in 2010. We stopped by Shannon Falls and viewed the fall..
Then headed back up. We made it to Whistler, which was closed for skiing but Blackcomb was open. The village was very crowded. We stopped for lunch at the bottom of the mountain and it started sleeting while we sat outside
After a bit, we headed back down and stopped by the Sea to Sky Gondola. At the top was hiking and a suspension bridge and some fantastic views. 
We did some hiking around and then headed down. We stopped by Lynn Canyon Park and do that suspension bridge as well.. they also had some trails with some pretty Falls. 
Back into town and we sat upstairs on our hotel roof and listened to U2 for a bit before heading to Fanny Mays Oyster Bar right behind our hotel. The food wasn't great. After supper, back to our room and bed early! 

Sunday- we get up and head back to Granville Island for breakfast. We grab bagels and coffee at the market and sit overlooking the bay. We find some treats and souvenirs and head to the airport. This time, customs, didn't take that long. A flight at 1:00 to Salt Lake City.. Then SLC to Atlanta and then Atlanta to home, which ends up being around 1:30am. 

We had a really nice time together. I'm glad I tagged along on his work trip. I love spending time making memories together!

Vancouver tips and thoughts:
  • 50* F is cold here in SC. In Canada, it feels like a nice Spring day.. Dress in layers!
  • They are excellent drivers. Pedestrians have a law giving them the right of way and they will walk without looking. Drivers really have to be prepared for that.  They use the zipper method on the highway which keeps traffic flowing nicely! I wish we could learn that method here!
  • their cocktails are gross. We finally said something and learned that most US bars do not measure their liquor, which makes drinks strong. In Canada, liquor is very expensive, so they measure as to not over use. Apparently I like my drinks strong ;)
  • Everyone keeps to themselves. No one says "hey" or waves to say 'thanks' in traffic. People step on elevators without smiling.. It's not a rude thing, just not what we are used to.
  • Downtown Vancouver is nothing like I thought. It reminded me of what Japan or China would be like? VERY busy, crowded, congested and they've ruined the mountain landscape with houses and buildings. The mountain views are nice but you can't see them from everywhere.
  • Eating out there is cheap! A "fancy" meal there costs us half of what it costs here.
  • Their free healthcare isn't all it's cracked up to be ;) We got the low down on this and honestly, I think it's worth the premiums of insurance here.

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