Thursday, November 10, 2016

Halloween 2016

Meet Shimmer and Shine! 
They are twin genies on Nick Jr

A local college had a Wellness Fair that had games and fun stuff for kids


A local car dealership had a Trunk or Treat event

Their preschool had a Halloween parade and party
(I couldn't post many pictures since most had other kiddos in it :) )

Halloween night, we ate hot dogs with Alan's mom and stepdad. Then we trick or treated their neighborhood. Riley made it a little ways but then gave out and I took her back to their house while Alan, Madison and Nimmie finished the neighborhood, which wasn't much. They got enough to fill a big bowl of goodies.

(For my readers that didn't know, Alan had bicep tendon repair surgery.. 
It's not some fancy costume piece ;) )

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