Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Menu plan November 7-21

We are going on vacation soon, so some of these are meals we will make while on vacation (yes I cook when we are on vacation and have a cabin) The other meals are frozen that I already had. Frozen meal and pantry challenge for the next couple of weeks :)  I left out a few days since we will eat out a few times while on vacation.

Grilled burgers w/ fries & tater tots
beer boiled shrimp/
Panko and Parmesan crusted chicken nuggets
Crockpot chili
Taco salad
Buffalo soup
Chicken fajita soup
Chicken stir fry
Chicken bogg
Sausage, eggs, toast
Hamburger steak
Baked chicken with various spices
Chicken tacos
Mexican chicken stir fry

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