Saturday, June 18, 2016

The deck is done!

Alan's mom gave us their table and chairs since they got a new one.

I painted the concrete planters a bright blue and put some colorful daisies in them. If Riley would stop picking them, they would be much prettier ;)
Also added a couple of colorful flowers to the other planters we had. 
Put the grill under the covered part for extra protection.
Also put their house and kitchen under the cover so it's not as hot when they want to play in it, which is roughly all day, off and on.
Wish list:

Rugs under one or both tables
(via Costco)

Weatherproof curtains to block the sun.
 It sets to the back of our deck, which makes the 5-6pm time frame very bright.
(via Pinterest)

I love the light blue ceiling!
(via Pinterest)

Our plan is to paint the back door black to match the front door. I am in love with this screen door and adding screen doors is on our list to both the front and back doors.
(via Pinterest)

More containers
(via Pinterest)

New lighting. Alan took down our ceiling fan and capped it off. I like these options instead of replacing the ceiling light, until we glass the porch in..
(via Pinterest)

Some type of storage bench for toys/cushions.
(via Pinterest)

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