Monday, June 13, 2016


reading... nope, don't read. Unless blogs and magazines count!

 listening to.. Daya "Don't Let Me Down". Every time I hear it, I crank it up! That video is weird, though.

watching.. We are finishing up Prison Break together. In the past few weeks, I finished Nurse Jackie and season 30 of The Real World. I'm almost done with Season 31 of The Real World and I started The O.C. on Hulu and will continue that. Between those, I watch The Bachelorette (Hulu) and Hart of Dixie(Netflix)

eating.. all the carbs. Rice, pasta, potatoes.. annnd ice cream, candy, slushies, Pepsi... yes..

looking forward to.. lunch with my best friend next Saturday. I can't remember the last time we have seen each other. Her birthday is this month too! Go ahead and decide now where we are going. I know you're reading this.. 

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