Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Playroom reveal

Sorry it's taken me so long to post pictures. We have been adding things here and there and I waited on some items from Ikea forever and then I finally cancelled it and bought replacements elsewhere. The room isn't completely done but for the most part, it's done and we all love it! I will try to link as much as I can but bear with me. It's a lot of stuff!

We kept going back and forth on the color. I was scared pink would make it look like a Pepto-Bismal bottle. We finally decided to just do it and decided to paint the place at the windows(on the left) the darker shade on the paint swatch. We love it. It looks great!
Art hanger, end table, cubby unit from IKEA (we bought 2) 
Slipcover from Amazon
Pillows from Target(discontinued)

I love these dry erase tags. I wanted to label the bins but needed something that I could switch out easily. I added numbers at the bottom to help Madison. So when I say "Go put your food back-Look for Number One" It teaches her her numbers and also what cubby is what and it makes it kind of fun for her to clean up.

Dry erase tags from Target

We left 4 cubbies open for books and games. If we ever add a bookshelf in the room, I will buy 4 more storage cubbies.

Table and chairs from IKEA
Chalkboard decal from GroopDealz
"Exploring" decal from Target

The items I cancelled were the 3 buckets to hang on the rail. These items got "lost" twice and IKEA was a pain in the rear to deal with. Long story short, I waited over 2 months for these items and ended up cancelling them and found these glass jars at Hobby Lobby. I don't like them as much but they work and they are smaller than the IKEA buckets which mean I can fit more on the rail. Moral of the story, never order from IKEA. Only shop in the store.

 Rail from IKEA
Glass containers from Hobby Lobby

Art from Hobby Lobby
Curtains from Walmart

Art from Hobby Lobby

 Pendant from Lowe's

I made this felt board by wrapping felt around a foam poster board and stapling it to the back.
I then attached it to the wall using 3M velcro strips.

The felt nursery rhymes are seperated by story in a binder.
The slips of paper have the rhyme on it.

The white table was a Christmas present. It has a huge drawer on the other side where we keep all of their "people". 
Madison loves PlayMobil so she mainly uses the table for that.
Train table from Toys R Us

 I could not keep this water table clean outside. So I converted it into a sensory table. It came with a slide to be used as part of the water table and it had holes under it, so I found some fun scrapbook paper and covered it up. I found some fun spangles and poured them in. Throw in some measuring cups, whisks and scoops and Madison really likes playing with it. Using it as "tea" or "coffee". It can be a mess sometimes so the bigger spangles work better.


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