Monday, January 12, 2015

First Birthday Fun

I posted on a local board on Facebook about places to go and someone recommended this playground that I thought would have been perfect for the girls. We needed somewhere Riley can crawl around and Madison would have fun too. Plus a mid-week trip to the mountains is always a plus. After picking up Madison from school, we met Alan and made our way. We stopped and ate lunch and got to the Mountain Play Lodge around 2:00.

 The toddler area

The bigger kids play area
The little houses on the left side are play houses that include a Fire Station, Salon, Doctor Office, etc.
The big castle had a slide in it and they all had accessories and dress up outfits and everything.

Racing Madison on the big slide

Taking a break

Getting a a mermaid, nonetheless.

Playing in the castle

Daddy attack

This girl had a blast


Happy Birthday to youuuuu
(To view video, click HERE)

We had a fun time. Both girls had a really good time and this place is close enough that we will try to get up there every few months or so. The day was really good!

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