Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Day in the Life.. Wednesday, December 17

6:30am- alarm goes off and I catch up on Facebook, text Alan and Lauren(her son has been sick so I was checking in, not that texting at 6:30 hasn't happened before 😂). Around 6:50, I get up, shower and get ready for the day. I let Wilma out and feed her.

7:30am- fix my coffee and pop a bagel in the toaster oven. I get the girl's breakfast ready while it's toasting. . If food isn't ready when they get up, it's not good. Obviously I am not Weelicious, but they will eat it. After my bagel is ready, I put peanut butter on it, turn on Today and update this blog.

 8:30- the girls got up before 8 and are eating. While they eat, I empty the dishwasher and load it up again. I get both girls dressed and teeth brushed.

12pm- Madison has been dropped off at school. I swing by Krispy Kreme to get coffee and donuts and me and Riley go visit a friend who has a 2 week old girl at home. We visit until time for me to go pick up Madison, who gets out early from preschool since it's her last day until January. I pick up M, get gas, we get home and I put Riley to nap and give Madison a snack. I start the dishwasher and start a load of clothes in the washer. M watches Disney Junior while I eat lunch(leftover spaghetti). I boot up my computer to update this blog, read blogs, Facebook and print ideas for cupcakes for Rileys party.

1:15pm- Madison asked for me to build a fort so I do and she plays while I'm eating and on my laptop. Riley is awake and I fix them both lunch. Carrots with ranch(for M), ham, cheese and Puffs for them both. They eat while I make my afternoon cup of coffee and straighten the kitchen.

2:30pm- after Riley eats, she's a mess.

 I need to give them a bath early anyway since we have dinner plans with Alan's work, so I start the water, put them in and let them play a while. I get Riley out and dressed while M plays a bit longer. I then get M out, dressed and dry her hair. Then we go upstairs to play a few minutes before nap. Riley mostly crawls from toy to tot while Madison glues stuff to a plate.

4:00pm- I laid Riley down and then I lay with Madison. She finally falls asleep and Riley is still up rolling around. I sneak out of the room and get a shower after putting up a load of clothes. I get ready for our dinner party tonight.

5:30pm- I have gotten ready and Riley and Madison are awake and Alan's mom just got here. She will stay with the girls while we are gone. We go up to the playroom and play while waiting on Alan, who gets home a few minutes later. He showers while we are upstairs.

9:30pm- We went to the party which was at the local Art Museum. It is mostly sales people and a few others from 'home base'. We chit chat, eat and they give out awards to the Sales Reps. We leave around 8:30 and are home around 9. His mom put Riley to bed and her and Madison are in the playroom playing. We told her to keep her awake until we got home. She leaves and we put Madison to bed by 10. We are in bed by 11 or so.

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