Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vacation to Edisto, SC

I am way past due on writing this blog... With crazy napping schedules and hectic days, there isn't much computer time lately.

We went to Edisto Island, SC  September 7-14. We left the day after Madison's birthday/party and were there during our 8 year wedding anniversary! Riley also turned 8 months while we were there. It was a good time frame to go.

Madison wasn't crazy about the beach and the sand. She did love the pool though! On the first day she wore a life jacket swim suit and felt very comfortable in it. She would just float around the pool all by herself(with us nearby, of course). So the next day, we just let her use swimmies and a regular swim suit and she did the same thing. She would jump off the side and go underwater. She only got water in her mouth a couple of times. She's a natural swimmer like her Daddy! We had a nice time!

Here are a ton of pics from our trip!

Our anniversary looks a tad different this year ;)

She was so independent! 

 Tram ride to the pool!

 Alan took Madison to the beach alone a few times so I spent some time resting with Riley.

The first day out at the beach in the tent.

On a walk and she had to splash in all the puddles

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