Monday, April 30, 2012

Week in the Life - Day 4 - Sunday

9:40am - Alan got up around 8:45 and I heard him get Madison up around 9, but I stay in bed. I had some nightmares and didn't sleep great. I get up about 9:30. Alan has fed Madi and fixed coffee so I fix my breakfast of bagels. Alan then fixes his breakfast of bagels and cereal. We both eat and watch tv(Spongebob of course) while Madison plays in her toy.

10:20 am - Madison has played, worked on crawling and gotten dressed. We read her a book and she's down for a nap. I vacuum and get ready for the day while Alan works out.

 (Can she get any cuter?)

1:30pm - Madison got up at 12.. Alan fed her lunch while I clipped coupons. We eat lunch on the porch(soup and salad). Then we take Madison and Wilma on a walk(notice her rosey cheeks, even though she had on a sun hat). We get back and I read a book and put her down for a nap while Alan fills up Micki and Toby's pool outside.

3pm - Madison is up and has ate. I watched the end of Hope Floats while Alan worked a little bit while she was asleep.

5:30 - Madison laid down at 4:30, 30 minutes after failing at getting her to nap with us on the couch. I started some beans on the stove and Alan hit some golf balls in the yard and I walked around with him after I got done. We then sat I the porch for a few and I started supper(pork chops with onions, beans and rice).

8pm - Madison got up at 5:30. She ate and then we ate. She played, got a bath, we read a book and she's down for the night. We are enjoying our nightly ice cream on the porch and then relax time until bed! This is her eating her strawberries while we eat supper. She loves her mesh teether. Even though it's super messy!

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