Monday, April 30, 2012

Week in the Life - Day 5 - Monday

This will probably be my last 'Week in the Life' post unless you readers are so interested, you can't stand the thought of not seeing 2 more days. I can't believe average 20 of you are keeping up with this :) I appreciate it! I had a whopping 40 readers on the 1st day post! Crazy!

10am - Madison got up at 9. I got up, fed and let Wilma out since she slept on the bed last night, started a load of clothes and got Madison's food ready.. She has been fed (2 oz apples and prunes and 5 oz milk), played with her sippy cup, which had apple juice in it but she didn't seem to figure that out and she has played in her toy. I have also eaten(peanut butter wheat toast and coffee).

12:30 - I got her dressed and we played in her room for a while. I read to her and she laid down at 11:30 and I started another load of clothes. I got myself ready, ate lunch(leftover pork chop) and scheduled some blogs for later in the week on the local blog, while catching up on some tv.

1pm - I go in Madison's room to check on her and she's wide awake..I get her up, change her diaper and give her a bottle first since I heated up her food too long and it was boiling haha.. I empty the dishwasher and start another load of clothes while she's eating and then I give her 2 oz of squash and corn. I let her play in her toy while I load the dishwasher and wash my first load of bottles and pump parts.

3:00 - She plays in the floor while I put up her clothes and Pandora plays in the background. Then it's cuddle time on the couch while I watch some tv. After lots of eye rubbing, I put her down for a nap. I watch an episode of Khloe and Lamar and 16 and pregnant while eating a fried egg sandwich and putting up coupons that I clipped from yesterday's paper.

5:30pm - Madison got up at 4:30. She has eaten and played. I fold 3 loads of clothes while Madison plays in her Pack N Play. I started supper and fed the animals about 5:00

6:30 - Alan came home and left to take the trash and recycling off and I decide to workout while reading my book. He comes home and waters the trees. I played with Madison for about 30 minutes in her room before putting her down for a nap at 6. The chicken is ready and now we are waiting on the pasta and veggies to get done.

7:45 - Madi ate while we ate. Her and Alan played for a bit and we got her jammies on around 7:45 and she was read and in bed. by 8. Alan is working on the lawnmower and here I am. It'll be ice cream and tv time till bed when he gets done.

Hope you enjoyed my Week in the Life. Even though it was only 5 days.. It gives me the blogging bug since I don't blog way too much. I will try to blog more!

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