Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Easter Bunny

We had planned on visiting a church on Easter since we have yet to find a church home but we figured it would be really crowded and since we would not be putting her in a nursery, we were afraid it just wasn't a wise choice to take her into church on a holiday. We watched 2 services on tv and read Madison the story of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ. 

Madison's 1st Easter basket.
 In it are these things:

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Sea Horse.
We have been looking for something for Madison to sleep with without the 
risk of her choking or suffocating herself! When you press the belly, it plays ocean sounds and music and glows for a little bit. It's a little bulky and the music is pretty loud but she'll do for now. Hers is purple and we are trying to figure out a name for her. Alan calls her Boo-boo but I'm trying to change his mind.

Sassy Teething Feeder
 I had read about these online but had never seen one until we were shopping for her Easter basket. At only $6.99, I figured it was worth a try and not much money lost if she hated it. It has a gel bubble in it so you can keep it in the fridge and it keeps the food cool. We put some watermelon in it the first time and she sucked them dry! She loved it! So then I put 4 pieces of strawberry in it and she loved that even more! I would say it's a score! I tried apples yesterday but I think the softer fruits work better. I am going to try some veggies in it when I cook too. I love it cause she can eat raw fruits or cooked veggies while we are eating and I don't have to worry about her choking!
Tommee Tippee 9 oz Trainer Cup

We haven't tried this one yet but I'm hoping she likes it better than the first one we got. The first one was NUK brand and you had to actually suck on the spout like a bottle. She hated it! I think this one will be easier and we will try it soon.

 Here we are playing with her Sea Horse

 Boiling eggs so we can dye them
Dye kit

 Our eggs. Madison's is the purple one in the back with white scribbles. She scribbled all by herself!

Not kid friendly dye.. It took both of us to get this off her hands!

Seahorse again.. I just love this look!

One of her 2 Easter dresses

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