Friday, February 3, 2017

Five on Friday - Feb 3

..more like 3 on Friday. I always feel like I have a million things to catch up on and then when I go to type it out, I forget.

(one) My planner has been a huge help with getting me less frazzled! I have been able to delegate errands and things I have been putting off to certain days. I even carry it in the store with me because I've been writing grocery needs in it on certain days. If you have way too much to do, get a planner. You'll thank me later.

(two) We've started watching Highway Thru Hell on Netflix. It's quite stressful to watch but very interesting!

 Highway Thru Hell is a Canadian reality TV show that follows the operations of Jamie Davis Motor Trucking, a heavy vehicle rescue and recovery towing company based in Hope, British Columbia. The show focuses on the hardships of operating along the highways of the BC Interior, especially the Coquihalla Highway (Coq).

(three) ..Speaking of Canada, excited about mine and Alan's 4 day trip coming up in a couple of months. The kiddos will stay behind, go to school and have some grandparent time.  I've never been to Canada before but have always wanted to go. I am not, however, looking forward to the plane ride!

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