Friday, September 2, 2016

Five on Friday- Happy September!

(one) We have gotten back into the swing of things with school. The girls are absolutely loving it! Even our anxious Madison doesn't hesitate to walk in class and start playing with her friends.

(two) With that, I've gotten back into the swing of things! Boot camps 3 days a week, Moms Group starts next week and then coming home one day a week. We live too far away for me to come home after workout/moms group so I will just hang out or run errands. Just glad to be back in my normal routine and seeing all of my friends that I've missed over the summer!

(three) Can you believe it's September?! Madison turns 5.. FIVE!!!!!! on Tuesday. Our 10 year anniversary is Thursday, Madison's party, me and Alan have our very first 2 day weekend in 5 years this month(to celebrate said anniversary) and Alan is taking Madison on her very first camping trip this month.. it's a crazy, busy month already! Lots of fun times building lots of memories! Did I mention that Madison is turning FIVE?! How in the world did THAT happen???

(four) Working on high protein/low carb recipes. Scouring Pinterest. This will also be good for our girls who tend to like packaged junk more than fresh or cooked things. I'm excited to try to incorporate new snacks and recipes!

(five) For anyone who doesn't know, our cat Sierra had kidney failure almost 2 weeks ago. The blood work showed that it was acute. I started noticing her acting strange Thursday morning.. and by Monday, she was basically unsavable :( Her numbers were basically off the charts. Our other cat, Cameron has been really sad. They were together 10+ years. He's been sleeping all day, looking around and meowing a lot :(


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