Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday

{one} Yes, I do realize I didn't blog Riley's 14th or 15th month. In a nutshell, she's saying about 5 things(Wilma, thank you, this, cat, bye), she's roughly 17 lbs- girl is teeny tiny. Not walking. Walks great with her walker toy and when you're holding her hand but isn't taking steps yet. She no longer wants to be fed but loves feeding herself.
Those curls, though.

{two} Alan and Madison came back from Disney World with the flu. Alan started symptoms Tuesday night while we were there(and he's still sick). The doctor confirmed it Friday morning. This past Sunday, Madison was fine until 10am then laid down and went to sleep in our bed. She never does that unless she's sick. She slept all day. Doctor confirmed her Monday afternoon. Kept her out of school all week until today.
on the way home from the doctor

{three}I've got to keep up with printing pictures. Before Disney, I wanted to clear my memory card because I was unsure if I would take 900 pictures or 10 so I wanted room. I like writing on my pictures for later on in life when someone looks at a pic, they know who it was, how old they were and what month and date. Now I have over 100 pictures that I have to go through Facebook and find out the age and write on them all. I guess it's better than playing Candy Crush.

{four} Alan got another new wedding band. The blue/black one he got starting chipping the Thursday before we left Disney(notice how everything is After Disney/Before Disney now?) so we took it and found out the ring had just been recalled and they are no longer making them. He ordered 2 rings to see which he liked best. Here's similar to what he chose.
{five} Got this today for my Essential Oil storage. I had them in my bathroom drawer but the space they were in was getting too crowded. I use a handful of these daily and then different ones in between. It became too clustered. This one is 54% off currently for less than $16 with Prime shipping. Get yours HERE


  1. I wish I had somewhere to put that rack! Such a good deal! :)

    1. After my most recent oil order of 5 oils, it's now full. I didn't realize how much room I needed because I had them scattered all over the house... I may put this one in the kitchen because that's where my diffuser stays most of the time. I need one 3 times as big since I get 3-6 oils a month.


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