Saturday, April 18, 2015

Orlando- Day 4- Monday

This was supposed to be our 2nd day at Magic Kingdom but everybody was tired and Alan and I were sore from carrying around the girls Sunday night since we decided to leave the stroller at the hotel when we went back to MK that evening. Then Madison fell asleep and Alan carried her for about an hour while we watched the Electric Parade and then carrying her back to the car.  We got on and moved our Fast Passes to Tuesday, went and had breakfast, came back and Riley took a nap around 11:30. We started a load of laundry(yes, we are those people) and made our daily plan..

We decided to go to Wonderworks

That lasted a few hours. We don't recommend it for kids under 7 or so. I asked the cashier was there things to do for a 3 year old and she said yes.. I beg to differ. It wasn't worth the money we spent. Luckily the girls were free. That should have been our first sign that it's not meant for preschoolers. 

We came back to the hotel and got in the pool for a while and then the girls went to bed and we went a little later.

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