Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is this my house?



That was my thought when I was able to see the yard from coming down the road after work today. It's an amazing difference! The stripe of mud at the bottom of the picture is where they trenched for the irrigation pipe. Alan will seed that this weekend and hopefully it will grow fast to cover it up! 6 pallets of sod went really fast. It wasn't enough to go all the way around so Alan will seed that area too. I wish we had gotten another pallet to finish it off.
Now I'm ready to get rid of all those mud stripes where the pipe was layed and actually have a green lawn, minus weeds. I know Alan is secretly excited that he doesn't have to water our 6 lilacs or 3 trees anymore. Not to mention my garden will be getting water for 40 minutes every day the next 2 weeks. Then 20 minutes 2 or 3 days a week after that. I'm secretly excited about that part.

This is the other project we've been working on. The landscaping at the back of the house. This past weekend we rearranged some plants and lost one butterfly bush in the process but it's okay, it was too big anyway. My mom gave me the Gardenia to the right of the roses. The butterfly bush was in the corner but died so we pulled it up today and planted the yellow and purple roses(below) behind the Gardenia and the pink rose bush on the right. I also pulled up most of my strawberry bush. It had gotten about 3ft wide and just overtaking the garden. You can see it on the left of the picture. We also moved one hydrangea since it wasn't in full sun. Now we need to find something to plant in the actual corner. I was going to do a bunch of rose bushes....and who knows, I still might. Lots of yard work going on here lately!

Speaking of garden, here's a full picture of my tiny, sickly garden. All the sprigs under the strings are onions, not weeds. The 2 with the yellow plant tags are squash and okra. The one in the dead center is a..who knows? Then there's my tomato in the left corner and my cucumber on the right and my zucchini at the top center. I was going to try to plant some more things to fill it up but my dad said it looks like we didn't put enough fertilized soil down and didn't till it deep enough. I don't want to waste any more money on plants. I know that I'm going to be dying to plant some more things so I may put some soil down on top. Ah, who knows?

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