Monday, June 7, 2010

Yard goings-on. Is that a word?

You know you are married when a night out means a trip to Lowes. Alan worked all day Saturday in the yard cutting grass and spreading seed. It looks really good. While he was doing that, I went to the Farmers Market with his mom. Then we had lunch and went shopping. I then had to go to the grocery store after I dropped her off. I pulled in our driveway just as he was weedeating around the last tree. Timing couldn't have been better..... The yard looks great and with these weekly trips to Lowe's, it's starting to look better and better. Here's some of the Workman happenings in the yard.

 Aren't these gorgeous? We went to Lowes to get a stake for my 5 feet tall cucumber vine. As we were talking, we saw a buggy with 2 of these bushes on it. I stopped and sniffed and patted it and looked for a price and of course nothing. So I walked around trying to find them on the racks. Couldn't find them. 15 minutes had went by at that point and the buggy was still sitting there so we took one off to see how much. $3.50 the lady said and I told Alan to grab the other one. They are so pretty and I'm in love. This one is out by the road and the other is in the landscaping in front of the house.

 Lowe's also had their trees 50% off so we snagged this Redbud...

..and this Maple tree

I was excited to see this tiny tomato sprouting! Yay!

 And my hydrangeas! It doesn't take much to get me excited, people! We transplanted 2 plants from my dad's last year and I'm glad to see some blooms so I know that we didn't kill them both!

And lastly, a picture of supper tonight. It was so good! A sausage and egg mcmuffin with bacon, hash browns, blueberry muffins and tomatoes from our neighbors. Yum! It hit the spot!

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