Friday, July 14, 2017

Five on Friday

(one) Took Madison to a tumble class drop in to see how she liked it.. She seemed to really like it, so I signed both her and Riley up for dance starting in August. Madison will take Tap/Jazz/Poms and Riley will do Tap/Ballet/Tumble. 2 different nights a week plus choir in between. Busyness, here we come...

(two) Organized our VERY messy hall closet.

Real life, ya'll..
ahh, much better!

(three) Took the girls downtown to the local coffee shop this week for cupcakes, chocolate milk and coffee, for me..

Afterwards, Madison wanted to walk downtown to see the lightbulbs. Our town has installed a bunch of artsy lightbulbs and the girls love pointing them out when we ride through, but we've never walked around to see them..

While walking, Madison found her very first painted rock! We brought it home and she repainted it and hide it for someone else to find.

(four) Thursday was Free Smoothie Day to celebrate the anniversary of our Smoothie King..
..then to the mall to play for a bit since it's SO hot outside!

(five) Friday morning view- grocery list, updating my new planner and blogging while the girls are in the playroom.

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