Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Menu plan Tuesday!

I always love knowing what others cook and seeing new recipes. I also love trying new recipes! I always menu plan and grocery shop for 2 weeks at a time, with a few stops for produce/milk in between. So here's what I'm making for the next 2 weeks. I don't do a full 14 meals because sometimes we eat salads, quick soups, go out etc. I also try to cook mostly lower carb foods. Almost every meal includes a salad or I will warm up frozen or canned veggies. I use my crock pot 2-3 times a week, also. I also never set what is to be cooked that day. I have tried writing it on a calendar but then I always switch days. So I just make a list and mark it off when I've made it. If it makes leftovers, that gets frozen and added to the list as another meal.

-Mexican Beef & Zucchini Skillet - Recipe HERE

-Chicken Fajita Soup (twice) - recipe HERE

-Buffalo Chicken Soup- recipe HERE

-Beef Stroganoff - recipe HERE
 - with brussel sprouts

-Taco Soup- recipe HERE

-Souvlaki- recipe HERE - I've never made the sauce.

-Black bean fajitas- recipe HERE

-pizza (twice)- frozen, bought from Costco :)

-hamburger steak (twice)- Frozen leftovers from grilling out last weekend. I may add some brown gravy over them once and then sprinkle Ranch seasoning over them the other time to vary it up.

 Leave me your best recipes! Always looking for something new to try! 


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