Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Life updates

We were able to go on a date night Saturday for Valentines. We went to The Melting Pot and then went and had coffee afterward. It was a really nice night and much needed! Hoping to go on a date once a month at least, from here on out.

Sunday, we took the girls to get donuts for a Valentine's treat.

Madison is working her name and doing well. She filled out all of her Valentine's cards on her own, other than me telling her what letter came next.

...and then yesterday, she went to the playroom to play for a while and came down with this.. Now to work on the double O and the sizing of her letters. This is great for her. I love that she even drew a line to write it on.

Riley had her checkup at the dentist. It cracks me up that she just lays there and lets them do whatever.

It seems the sibling rivalry has subsided a lot lately. They may be at the age where they want to play and get along versus arguing. Madison has taken an interest in 'reading' Riley stories before nap/bedtime, fixing Riley's toothbrush and just helping in general.

They were playing in Riley's room this day and I was watching them on the monitor. Madison was asking Riley to point things out in the book while Riley sat in the book tote.

Anyone that knows me, knows I just can't sit and read a book. I'm hoping to change that because the idea of reading sounds nice ;) I'm putting it out there to hold myself accountable. I just got this book.

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