Friday, February 26, 2016

Five on Friday

I'm linking up for 5 of Friday this week. I haven't linked up in quite some time.. This one is kind of long and I've had parts of it typed up as a draft for a while.
(1) We have planned out our entire year for vacations! Alan is going to a men's retreat in April for a weekend.. We will meet him up there the last day and take part of Spring Break to enjoy Hands On Hendersonville and Mountain Play Lodge(and the mountains for us). Our church has a weekend retreat a week after Spring Break ends that we will go to for the first time. A 4 day trip in June to Pigeon Forge to visit Dollywood and Splash Country. Just me and Alan are taking a 2 night trip to Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, NC in September to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and then an 8 night trip back to Pigeon Forge in November. We will visit Dollywood that week a couple of times,I'm sure(we have season passes). Pretty excited to have things to look forward to every 2-3 months.

(2) I am getting into Summer mode with the girls. We will be potty training Riley in May/June when school lets out. I am also looking to have a loose day schedule so none of us go insane. I feel like we need designated times for play, learning, cleaning, etc. That one summer, we did the daily ideas like Make It Monday where we made something fun or Thinking Thursday where we went to the library etc. that isn't going to be enough structure with 2 busy kiddos. I'm going to be scouring Pintrest this weekend for ideas. I would love some ideas or blogs or board to follow.

(3) I have a really long to do list that I wrote roughly a week ago and I have only done one thing. It's things like update my pregnancy books(from the girls-NOT pregnant). Madison's baby book is for 5 years and poor Riley's.. I'm not sure I even updated my whole pregnancy. Thank goodness I blogged about it. Also on the list is put pictures in albums, work on their photo books.. Those kind of things. I did get some pictures printed, finally!

(4) The wind here has been crazy the past 3 days! It was 75 degrees 2 days ago then 50 yesterday and today. It's too cold with the wind for me to take the girls out with nothing stopping the wind in our open lot. Thankfully their playgrounds at school are surrounded by bushes and part of the building, so they are able to get energy out there. I'm over the wind....

(5) Posting another Day in the Life next week.. Hope ya'll enjoy reading about my crazy days. ;) Happy weekend!

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