Monday, May 11, 2015

Yard improvements!

Nothing like a tractor trailer half full of sod..


After bushes pulled out..

After some planting. 
Planted 3 gardenia and transferred 1 gardenia(the bigger one by the a/c), 2 purple calla lilly and a few other flowers that I don't know what they are. We will finish the rock border all the way around and put down black mulch.

Also hoping to find an a/c cover similar to this..

Also looking for a nice garden hose holder like one of these.
The other side before

A purple lantana in the corner, Fire Power Nandinas in between the bigger bushes with 3 colorful flowers in front of the nandinas.

Patchy yard before


I thought I got a pic of the after. Just imagine the dirt patches gone ;)

Also had the glass filled(from the wreck in February) grass dug up and sod laid.

The front of the house.. Working on trimming and shaping. Mulch will help a lot!

They are coming back to put in another irrigation zone this week. Mulch will be a fun project(sarcastic font). Trying to do a little at a time!

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