Thursday, August 28, 2014

Madison's first day in 2 year old Pre-K

Madison's first day back was yesterday. She's in a new class with new teachers but 3 of her friends from last year are in her current class so I think that helps!

She slept in our bed the night before. She's had lots of trouble falling to sleep easily lately.
I treated her to breakfast in bed while watching cartoons(and while I got ready!)

Obligatory First Day Picture

 After school slushie!

What a difference a year makes! She looks like a baby last year!

Everybody around here is enjoying school again! Madison is loving the structured play and learning. She's coming home singing and talking about her friends. I have been interacting with moms I haven't seen over the summer break. I am getting back in the groove of exercising, spending one on one time with Riley, cleaning and doing other things while she's gone so I have more time to spend with them in the afternoon. I am now able to run errands easier(taking 2 kids to shop is impossible). Madison just recently gave up naps which means earlier bedtime. She has cried at bedtime lately and has ended up in our bed.. Her first day back, after whining just a little, I gave her a sticker sheet. 10 minutes later, she was knocked out asleep! Tonight she put up a fight for a few minutes but about 20 minutes later, she's passed out!

People have asked if we are putting Riley in. They do accept babies her age but we are going to keep her home and either let her start going after her birthday in January for the remainder of the school year(if there's room) or just let her start in August next year. We haven't decided yet. This allows me some one on one time with her during her learning months. Sitting, talking, crawling, standing, walking.. All the big milestones!

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