Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy 1 month, Riley!

 A month already?! It's flying by! 
I missed posting this yesterday, on her actual 1 month.

Growth- She weighs 10lbs and measures 21.75" long. She was 8.3 lbs and 20" at birth. Still in newborn diapers and clothes.

Eating/sleeping- Her eating is all over the place! Sometimes it's every hour and sometimes she will go 4 hours. She likes being nursed to sleep. Luckily at night she usually goes 2-4 hours between. She sleeps in her crib at night but we have coslept a few nights when she doesn't want to fall back asleep or if I'm absolutely exhausted and need more time to sleep. Her average eat time is 8 minutes.

Schedule- She sleeps most of the day. She eats around 6-6:30am and I put her back down to sleep and I get up to get ready(during the week). I let her sleep until 8am, feed her and then we leave to take Madison to school. She stays awake usually from 9:30-11 or so and she does tummy time, I read to her and/or play with toys in front of her. She then naps a bit, wakes to eat and then both girls go down in their beds around 2 or 3 for a nap. She will usually sleep 3-4 hours at this time. Sometimes we put her to bed when she falls asleep and sometimes we hold her while she sleeps and then put her down in her crib around 9:30. I always nurse her before I go to bed so she's not waking 30 minutes after I fall asleep to eat. 

Sisters- Madison loves Riley and constantly kisses, hugs and loves on her. She wants Riley to sit close to her in the mornings when Madison is sitting at her table eating breakfast. She sometimes asks to hold Riley. If Riley is crying, she will tell her "It's okay" or will sing the ABC's to her to calm her down. Riley watches Madison a lot and doesn't typically get upset when Madison is loving all over her.

Milestones- Moves her head with her eyes. Holding head up better. Starting to develop different cries. One for hungry, one for wanting to be held, etc. Smiling more and more and I've heard her laugh a few times.

Personality- She sleeps most of the day. She cries a good bit but is very sweet and quiet and will sit in her bouncer or even her crib for a bit before wanting to be held. I can tell Riley is not going to be quite as energetic as Madison is. She is going to be more laid back like I am, I believe. It's amazing how different her and Madison seem to be from each other at this age.

Growing up

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