Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week 15

Baby is now the size of a naval orange and now averages about 4 inches! He or she can move his legs and arms but I haven't felt that part yet. The roof of my mouth and my tongue is staying really sore and I am keeping ulcers below my bottom teeth and smells like lotions, deoderant, body wash and perfume are really triggering headaches lately. The changes are so unusual! This week I have been staying hungrier than ever! My weight has went from 107 to 109.8 back down to 107.8 today. My belly now measures 33 1/2"! My bedtime this week has been closer to 10:00. I feel like an adult again! My sweets cravings have seemed to go away for a bit. Saturday we are meeting with a painter to go over paint colors for all the rooms in our house. Not sure about the nursery since we don't know what we are having yet and aren't sure the nursery bedding/decor. I think we are going to look Friday at some possibilities so we can get a color picked out. I ordered the book Baby Bargains yesterday so we can start deciding what furniture we want to buy. It has ratings of all types of things which will be real helpful. I should have it tomorrow so we will check it out and hopefully soon our baby will have somewhere to sleep!

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