Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week 14 - March 3-10, 2011

Since I just finished up my 14th week and am 15 weeks today and we went to the doctor today, it's time for some pictures and info!

This is my 14 week picture. This was taken last Saturday(March 5) and today I feel like I'm twice this big! It has been a really good week. I have gotten my full appetite back! I also went from 106 to 108 back down to 107 pounds. My belly measures 32" at my natural waist and my pants are getting more and more snug! I am not staying quite as tired. My bedtime this week has been closer to 9 and I'm getting up once during the night. I am still craving sweets like nobody's business! The pregnancy dreams have come back with a vengeance! One night this week I think I dreamed from the time I fell asleep until the time my alarm went off. Some are nightmares and some are just the most random things I've ever dreamed. We discussed boy names this week. Alan has went through the book to the J's and I have gone through it all the way. Out of all the names to the letter J, we agreed on one name. This is a tough decision! All in all it was a great week. I am loving being pregnant and finally having a bump to show off!
We had a checkup today(15 weeks) and everything went great! My blood pressure was 100/50. Baby's heartbeat was about 150. Dr said it wasn't registering on the Doppler but it sounded around 150, which she said is great. I mentioned to her that her husband(also a Dr there that we saw last time) told us he would do a quick ultrasound to let us see the baby. So here's baby's 15 week picture!
Isn't he/she beautiful?! That is the spine, not an arm. The doctor showed us both arms, legs and feet. She also showed us the brain and the heartbeat. She said everything looked really great. It's amazing the difference between this week and the 7 week ultrasound. He/she looks like an actual human! And he/she looks like they are smiling! The big bubble thing in front of it's belly is part of the inside of my tummy and has nothing to do with baby. We go back April 11 for a checkup and the next week we go back to see what we are having!

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