Wednesday, February 23, 2011

and baby makes 3!

Or 8, if you count the animals... We're expecting a baby September 3 and couldn't be more thrilled! And the story goes:

December 27, 2010- It was pretty ironic because Alan had my debit card since his card number had gotten stolen the week before, so he had to stop and get me the tests. He got me a 2 pack of non-digital. I took one right away and waited on it. In no time, it had a + on it. I came out with it in my hand and said "Umm, it's positive" in a trance! So I somehow was able to take the 2nd one and it came out positive. So Alan said "Let's get a digital just to make sure we aren't reading it funny". Goes to store, brings home digital and:
No mistaking that! The next morning I called my doctor to make an appointment to confirm and had to wait 3 hours before I could go in. I was about to burst in a million pieces! She was very routine with everything and after she tested my sample, came to draw blood(for disease testing) and Alan said "I'm assuming since you are drawing blood, it was positive?" And the nurse said "Yes" She finishes testing and takes us to a room where her first question was "Where would you like to deliver?" I was like "um, um, um, uhhh" I mean we just found out I was pregnant! She told us our due date was September 3 and that I was 4 weeks 5 days that day. We made it through all the questions with no problems and she told us to come back in 3 weeks for our first ultrasound!

January 18, 2011 - 7 weeks 5 days. Our first ultrasound day! I didn't sleep a wink the night before! I was so worried that there wouldn't be a baby in there or something would be wrong. And I forgot to mention, I had been taking pregnancy tests every few days up until this appointment since I had no morning sickness. I just wanted to make sure, okay? :) So we met with the doctor who went over, very thoroughly, the pregnancy, delivery, testing, food things and all the many questions we had. After a 20 minute meeting, onto the room for the ultrasound!
Isn't that the most beautiful peanut ever? We were able to see the heartbeat which was amazing! We couldn't stop crying! Doctor said everything looked perfect and my sac looked really great! Said baby was measuring perfectly for our due date. He seemed really pleased which made us feel so much better! What a really awesome day!

February 9, 2011 - 10 weeks 6 days. Today we got to hear the heartbeat! The nurse warned us when we went in that with me only being 11 weeks, we may not hear anything. She said it's better if you are at least 12 weeks. She ran the Doppler over my tummy for a few minutes, or a lifetime, and we heard my heartbeat and right under it was the baby's thumping away! She said it was beating at 180 BPM(Old wives tale says above 140 is said to be a girl) which was really good! The doctor came in and said that the heart sounded great at 180 and we would come back in 4 weeks to do a check up and would have our next ultrasound at 20 weeks. I said "Excuse me but I can't wait 9 more weeks to see my child, can't I see him/her before then?" And he said he'd run it over my belly when I go back next. Yay! He answered a few more questions and sent us on our way!

Things have been going really, really well for me. I have had zero morning sickness! The only thing is around suppertime I wouldn't want to eat. I would be hungry and want food but when I sat down to eat it, my stomach turned. So because of that I have lost 10 pounds the past 2 weeks. I think my suppertime appetite is gradually coming back though. The only cravings I'm having are for sweets! Cupcakes are a favorite right now. It was waffles one night so we made a Waffle House run. All in all, things have been great. Alan is the best dad already! He's doing a lot of the chores around the house like vacuuming and a lot of the laundry.. He's been great and I really love him more for it. I know he's going to be the perfect dad to our little miracle!

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